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Is it cheaper to apply epoxy or polish concrete?

The decision primarily comes down to two factors: your budget and how your space will be used. If cost is the primary driving factor in making your decision, you'll probably choose Polished Concrete, because this can represent as little as half of the investment when compared to applying an epoxy coating.

Also, you have to take into account a VERY important thing-when epoxy fails, (as it almost always does, think how many times you've see a garage floor with epoxy peeling off of it), it will cost quite a bit of money to remove the existing epoxy and rectify the problem. Epoxy removal from concrete can range anywhere from $6 to $10 per sq ft, then you have to pay MORE money to have the concrete finished after!

There is a reason a lot of your big box retail stores go with polished concrete. The number one reason is that lasts a long time. Also, when it needs to be redone years down the road, it's pennies on the dollar from epoxy removal/replacement.

So, in our opinion, epoxy floors are not really worth it in the long run due to staggering replacement cost later...if you need Concrete Polishing services in Florida, call Dr Terrazzo Concrete Polishing today for a free estimate, 321-302-8652. thank you for taking the time to read our blog post, we sincerely hope it helps you with your decision making process!

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