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Concrete Polishing in Orlando, Florida, 321-302-8652

Updated: Jan 14

Dr. Terrazzo Concrete Polishing of Florida is a concrete polishing company that serves the entire state of Florida. They have over 21 years of experience and use diamond grinding technology to resurface concrete.

Dr. Terrazzo Concrete Polishing Of Florida's services include:

Dr. Terrazzo's concrete polishing process involves:

  1. Applying a chemical hardener to densify the porous concrete where needed

  2. Grinding the concrete to the desired gloss and smoothness using a series of progressively fine tools

  3. Sealing the polished concrete to protect and preserve it

Dr. Terrazzo can also stain and polish concrete to improve the look and feel of your home or business. Dr. Terrazzo's phone number is (321) 302-8652

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