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Best epoxy floors in Orlando

You have found the right company to install epoxy floors for you! We offer fair pricing and top tier workmanship and warranties. If you're looking for high-quality garage floor epoxy in Orlando and the Central Florida region, Dr. Terrazzo is your go-to choice. Get in touch with us today at 321-302-8652 or e mail us at for a complimentary estimate. We pride ourselves on offering fair pricing and exceptional service.

We use only high quality commercial grade products, not the ones you can buy at your local hardware outlet or big box store. You can trust Dr Terrazzo with over 18 years experience and have the confidence you made the right choice. We carry $2 million liability insurance, and all of our employees are covered by Workers Comp insurance. We have NO subs or independent labor. We look forward to serving your Epoxy Floor needs,

When it comes to fulfilling your epoxy flooring requirements, Dr. Terrazzo is the optimal selection. Our team caters to flooring projects ranging from 1000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet, making us a reliable choice for any project size, thank you!

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